Groups share half a million dollars in community grants

7 March 2024

Sixty-six not-for-profit groups that lease VicTrack land, buildings and other assets are sharing more than half a million dollars in funding made available through a Community Grants Program.

The grants of up to $10,000, jointly funded by VicTrack and the Victorian Department of Transport and Planning, will help groups meet safety or environmental obligations or complete small refurbishment projects.

The grants program is another way that VicTrack is supporting our large portfolio of community tenants, Group Manager of Property Management Mirella Zeait explained. 

“VicTrack has more than 400 community leases in place all over Victoria including in many regional towns, where our tenants run art, cultural or sports programs in their local communities or provide valuable open spaces,” Mirella said. 

“For many years, we’ve supported our community tenants with reduced rent and assistance with building and land maintenance.

“In turn our community tenants take care of these cherished buildings and land.”

The Community Grants Program was launched in August 2023. A VicTrack panel assessed applications and allocated funds to a range of groups including tourist railways, arts and education groups. 

“We received an overwhelming response,” Mirella said. 

“We were very happy to be able to provide further support to so many groups. 

“The grants will help contribute towards the costs of groups looking after buildings and land, meaning they can focus on running their fantastic programs.”

About VicTrack’s Community Leases
Our community tenants lease assets from VicTrack at a significantly reduced rent, to create spaces that benefit local communities. Community leases leases provide public open spaces and homes for art galleries, museums, libraries, creative spaces, and community hubs.