VicTrack is the custodian of Victoria’s rail land, buildings and infrastructure. We work to ensure land and other assets best serve the state’s transport sector and Victorian communities. 

One of the ways we do this is by making underused land and other assets available to lease. 

We manage over a thousand commercial and community tenancies that support a wide range of activities including retail, cafes, pastoral grazing, public open spaces, community spaces, telecommunications, and tourist and heritage railways. 

We also have a portfolio of car parks and billboards that is managed by our commercial partners. 


Leasing process

Lease applications are reviewed by a VicTrack panel fortnightly to ensure the land is not required for transport now or in the future.

VicTrack may also consult with external stakeholders and rail operators to finalise the assessment.

The applications supported in principle by VicTrack are sent to the Department of Transport and Planning to secure official clearance.

This can take several months to complete. 

To find VicTrack land currently available for lease, you can search for locations using a KMZ file and Google Earth.   

If you already know the parcel you want to lease, you can begin the application process.

Our role

We are a state-owned organisation with an independent Board. We are the owners of Victoria’s transport assets, and work alongside

Most of our railway land, assets and buildings are leased to the public transport operators, and they are responsible for maintaining the assets leased to them.

Featured properties

If you are interested in any of the properties below, please contact the appointed agent on the listing, rather than the VicTrack customer service team.