Safety is embedded in everything we do at VicTrack. Ensuring the safety and security of our people and the Victorian community is one of our critical success measures, as we work towards the highest safety standards across the entire business.

Working collaboratively with our transport partners we strive to secure the overall safety of the transport network for all those who work within it and those who benefit from it.

We operate a safety management system that meets the specific challenges and operational risks faced by our personnel and stakeholders within the rail, construction, and telecommunication environments.

Rail safety accreditation reinforces our focus on continuous improvement with safety benchmarking currently underway to further enhance VicTrack’s organisational safety maturity.

We are also working towards becoming the only rail accredited Trunk Telecommunications Infrastructure business in metropolitan Victoria to ensure clear standards for the maintenance and management of essential communication assets as well as safety and service provision.  

Strong leadership from our Executive Team has re-emphasised to the whole organisation that compliance with safety laws is only the start of an ongoing process towards achieving our safety goals. Our strong safety culture is further enhanced through the active promotion of safety and the promotion of ongoing safety education and training.