Bridge naming competition

Forty bridges will be named under our bridge naming competition. Bridge names are important for community safety as they help emergency services pinpoint locations more easily.

Three bridges in the City of Wyndham are currently being named through the competition. The bridges are at:

  • Leakes Road
  • Davis Road
  • Dohertys Road

We previously asked the public to nominate names for these bridges in line with criteria set out by the Office of Geographic Names. If you have previously submitted a nomination, you are welcome to submit additional name suggestions. We encourage you to read the guidelines below before submitting nominations. 

Leakes Road (nominations still open)
There is still the opportunity to nominate names for the bridge at Leakes Road. As there was previously only one eligible nomination (Baden Powell Bridge) for the bridge, VicTrack is seeking any further nominations before voting will occur for the final name.

Davis Road and Dohertys Road (nominations still open)
There is still the opportunity to nominate names for the bridges at Davis Road and Dohertys Road, which received no eligible names through the original public nomination process. 

Location of bridges 
See this Google Map for the location of the bridges