Community leases

VicTrack makes underused land and buildings available to community organisations through our community leases program.

We work with tourist and heritage railway operators, not-for-profit organisations, state and local governments, to make our land and property available for a diverse range of social and cultural programs, as well as for beautification and improvements to amenity.  Community leases are made available by application.

Our process
Once we receive your application, it will be reviewed. This can take up to 28 days to complete. We will contact you to let you know if your application has been successful. If your application is successful, it will then be referred to the Department of Transport to land clearance and a lease term. This process can take from three to six months.

VicTrack has a series of key criteria for not-for-profit groups wanting to apply for a community lease. We will discuss these requirements with you once VicTrack has received an approval to lease from the Department of Transport.

Please contact or (03) 9619 8889 for community leasing enquiries.


Apply for a new or existing community lease