Engineers leave a legacy

4 March 2024

Engineering is where innovation begins and transcends to thinking outside the box and delivering creative solutions to complex problems. 

Engineers constantly push the boundaries of what is possible. They use their knowledge and expertise to develop new technologies and improve existing ones and ultimately shape the way we live, according to VicTrack Chief Engineer Ezio Lattanzio.

In a discussion about engineering careers to coincide with World Engineering Day, Ezio described the important  work VicTrack engineers do to support the safe and reliable operation of public transport and to contribute to state transport infrastructure projects

“VicTrack is a fantastic place to work for engineers, who get to work on challenging projects with leading-edge technology. Our work makes a difference to society and delivers a high-quality travel experience for our customers,” Ezio said. 

“At VicTrack we offer a wide range of engineering experience. An engineer’s work can involve civil, electrical, telecommunication or signalling engineering, which all form an excellent basis for project management and understanding the dynamics of what an engineering career can offer." 

VicTrack’s telecommunications engineers deliver and maintain communication and network infrastructure that underpins transport signalling, ticketing, and public information displays. 

We also have engineering involvement in major infrastructure projects including the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP). 

Our civil engineers have contributed to construction projects such as building car parks and train stations, and our environmental engineers support the management of VicTrack-owned land and buildings across the state.

“As the custodial owner of the state’s transport telecommunication infrastructure and assets, we have an important role to play in relocating infrastructure, deploying and commissioning telecommunications equipment in new station builds and ensuring compliance with VicTrack’s Engineering Standards,” Ezio explained. 

“Engineers are a quintessential resource, continually learning, sharing knowledge and creating and delivering innovative projects that leave an ever-lasting legacy for all Victorians.

“I take great delight in being part of such a progressive team and working to support projects like the Metro Tunnel Project, Level Crossing Removal Project and Regional Rail Revival

“It's great to see these projects around this fabulous state come to life. I get a real kick out of knowing that, alongside our teams of engineers, I've had direct input into shaping our transport network.

“I would encourage new graduates or soon to be graduates of engineering courses to consider a career in infrastructure or transport.” 

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