We release under-used transport land to facilitate urban development and better public spaces. Working with the private sector, our development program looks at land uses that add value to Victorian communities.

We want to bring places to life and help shape communities with more connected transport precincts, providing better commuter links, safer travel, greater community engagement and services that add to local streetscapes.

Our property development program has already delivered open community parkland, public bike trails, residential apartments and new shops and restaurants linked to transport hubs for greater convenience for commuters.

Development partnerships

To make the most of each opportunity, we partner with private sector developers that share our vision for developments true to the local character of each community.

We also work alongside major transport authorities like Rail Projects Victoria and the Level Crossing Removal Project to add value to developments beyond the transport infrastructure to consider place making opportunities that help improve and shape communities.

Program benefits

In our role as the land owner, we continue to look for development opportunities that return value to communities and the transport portfolio. Our development program also supports our broader government objectives towards a thriving economy and leading living standards. Our station precinct developments deliver:

  • Jobs to support Victoria’s economy
  • Affordable housing close to transport
  • Vibrant community developments
  • Urban renewal and upgraded station precincts
  • Ongoing revenue from commercial tenants