VicTrack manages applications to build new, or change existing, utility services on our land or adjacent to our infrastructure.

These works include:

  • installation and maintenance of oil, gas, water, stormwater and other pipelines
  • installation and maintenance of electricity and telecommunications cables (including fibre optic cables)
  • construction and maintenance of earthworks (including reforming drains, constructing levy banks and occupational crossings)
  • construction and maintenance footbridges and underpasses
  • attachments to tram poles
  • installation and maintenance of groundwater monitoring wells

How to apply

You can apply to install utilities and services in three easy steps, as outlined below. The entire application process can take from 3 to 12 months.


Our application fee is $3000 + GST* for rail crossings per proposed asset and is non-refundable. Please read the section called 'application process' below for information about possible additional costs.

*Subject to change without notice. If no updates are received from the applicant for more than one year, the application will be closed and a new application (and application fee as of the date of submission) will be required to re-assess your application.


Contact the Utilities and Services team at


Our role

We are a state-owned organisation with an independent Board. We are the owners of Victoria’s transport assets, and work alongside

Most of our railway land, assets and buildings are leased to the public transport operators, and they are responsible for maintaining the assets leased to them.