RailMap is an online mapping application for the Victorian rail network that displays property and lease boundaries, buildings, platforms, third party utilities and aerial imagery.

Registration and access

Transport operators, local councils, government departments and utility companies can apply for RailMap access through our online form.

Please state your reason for needing access and attach supporting information such as a referral from an Authorised Rail Operator, government project or VicTrack contact.

Note: RailMap is not for general public use. However, we  have an alternative, outlined below. 

Alternative to RailMap

General users can use Google Earth and a file we have created to view VicTrack’s vacant land holdings and rail reserve boundaries. To use this alternative, please follow these steps: 

  • Install Google Earth
  • Download our KMZ file , unzip it and then install. 


For RailMap enquiries contact railmap@victrack.com.au
For property enquiries contact customer.service@victrack.com.au
For utility enquiries contact services@victrack.com.au


Log into RailMap  (we recommend using Chrome 37 or higher)