Utilities and services

At VicTrack, we manage applications if you need to build new or change existing utility services on our land or adjacent to our infrastructure.

These works include:

  • Installation and maintenance of oil, gas, water, stormwater and other pipelines
  • Installation and maintenance of electricity and telecommunications cables (including fibre optic cables)
  • Construction and maintenance of earthworks (including reforming drains, constructing levy banks and occupational crossings)
  • Construction and maintenance footbridges and underpasses
  • Attachments to tram poles
  • Installation and maintenance of groundwater monitoring wells


How to apply
You can apply to install utilities and services in four easy steps. See step 1 to 4 below. The entire application process can take between 3 to 12 months.


Our application fee is $2200 + GST* for rail crossings per proposed asset and is non-refundable. Please read the section called 'application process' below about possible additional costs.

*Subject to change without notice. If no updates are received from the applicant for more than one year, the application will be closed and a new application (and application fee as of the date of submission) will be required to re-assess your application.


Contact the Utilities and Services team at services@victrack.com.au