We manage one of Victoria’s few open access freight facilities, Dynon Rail Freight Terminal. This means we play a crucial role in supporting a competitive Victorian freight market, and ensuring the state’s assets continue to support a thriving Victoria.

Dynon Rail Freight Terminal

Dynon Rail Freight Terminal provides intermodal container services for freight across Victoria and Australia. Upgrades in recent years support government aims to improve Victoria’s freight gateways and terminals, particularly in the Port of Melbourne precinct.

Dynon freight advantages

Major renewal works mean shippers now benefit from better linkages to the port and improved standard gauge capacity and flexibility, along with other benefits including:

  • Open access to the terminal
  • Regulated, transparent rail access pricing
  • Broad and standard gauge track capacity
  • Direct HPFV road and rail access to the Port of Melbourne
  • Flexible 24/7 availability to suit customer needs
  • Cost benefits through integrated container handling and storage – reducing downtime costs
  • Locomotive fuelling and provisioning facility
  • Container park facility
  • Container wash facility

Access Dynon Rail Freight Terminal

Operators looking to access the facility should complete an Application to Access Dynon Rail Freight Terminal. To receive more information, including our standard terms and conditions and applications forms, contact us or QUBE.

Facility operations

Access to the Dynon Freight Terminal is regulated by the Essential Services Commission Victoria, which also sets the access fees.

A management agreement is in place with QUBE, which operates a container handling service. The agreement ensures both VicTrack and QUBE share the objectives to maintain and drive volume at the facility. Shippers also benefit from the agreement with improvements including a container park, container wash facilities and a locomotive fuelling and provisioning facility.

Dynon Rail Freight Terminal currently services container trains operating from both interstate and Victoria.