With more than 30,000 hectares of land across Victoria and many historic rail buildings and structures, we are dedicated to the preservation and protection of the state’s assets. We recognise we have a great resource and a great responsibility to the people of Victoria.

We work to protect the state’s rich transport heritage and build a sustainable transport future and land management, environmental protection and historic preservation are a key part of this. Each year, we invest in working to rehabilitate, protect and enhance transport land and assets.

Our business has established conservation and remediation programs, which we deliver in partnership and with under guidance from the Victorian Government, rail operators, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Heritage Victoria and other agencies and local communities. Our key roles and functions include:

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Provide details of groundwater wells installed on VicTrack land using our bore register form.

Provide a summary of flora and fauna data collected on VicTrack land using our biodiversity form.

Provide a summary of pre-contact cultural heritage data collected on VicTrack land using our cultural heritage form.