Network transformation project

We are delivering a key project which will help to future proof the state's transport network, and provide design support and direction for the major transport projects, including the Level Crossing Removal Project and the Metro Tunnel.

The Network Transformation Project (NTP) comprises two projects that form part of stage one of the Integrated Transport Network (ITN).

The first project is the provision of an approved device to transport Operational Control Systems (OCS) applications over an IP network instead of over the existing legacy Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH) network.

A new analogue gateway device will be approved to transport OCS applications over an IP network instead of over the legacy PDH network, which will also be able to be used for the ITN in future.

The second is the development and delivery of IP/MPLS reference architecture designs for ITN and proof of concept testing of the design and supporting materials.

The ITN will provide a consolidated multi-purpose network that will support Victorian public transport operations well into the future, by replacing the existing infrastructure with a proven IP-based technology standard and selectively replacing copper-based connections to metropolitan train signalling.

Started 1 March 2016