Jewell Station precinct

We are partnering with developer Neometro to redevelop the Jewell Station precinct in Brunswick, to make the best use of underutilised transport land at the station only five kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD.

Moreland City Council approved plans submitted by Neometro for the station precinct development in early 2016.

Under the plans, existing derelict buildings on VicTrack-owned land will make way for two eight storey mixed-use buildings, containing ground floor retail and 122 one, two and three bedroom apartments.

Part of the proceeds from the development will fund our improvements to the station forecourt and public realm.

The historic Jewell Station building will form the centrepiece of the revamped station forecourt, featuring a community garden area and artistic and cultural spaces for the community to enjoy.

A new ramp and stairs will improve access to the station, there will be increased bike parking, and the Upfield bike path will be upgraded within the precinct.

We have progressed the project with input from the community since its inception in 2012.

Following the issue of the planning permit, Neometro is now carrying out marketing and presales of the apartments that are set to form part of the revitalised station precinct. 

For more information please see the Neometro website and the media release about the Moreland City Council planning permit.

Started 15 November 2012