Jewell Station precinct upgrade gets green light from Council

23 March 2016

An exciting next step in the transformation of Jewell Station in Brunswick has been reached, after Moreland City Council approved plans submitted by VicTrack’s development partner Neometro to redevelop the station precinct.

The issue of the planning permit means that Neometro can begin marketing and presales of the apartments that are set to form part of the revitalised station precinct.

The planned redevelopment at Jewell will deliver connected urban living on the doorstep of public transport with better commuter links, safer travel, and retail and services that add to the local neighbourhood.

The historic Jewell Station building will form the centrepiece of the revamped station forecourt, featuring a community garden area and artistic and cultural spaces for the community to enjoy.

Under the plans, existing derelict buildings on VicTrack-owned land will make way for two eight storey mixed-use buildings, containing ground floor retail and 122 one, two and three bedroom apartments.

A new ramp and stairs will improve access to the station, there will be increased bike parking, and the Upfield bike path will be upgraded within the precinct.

The redevelopment is set to improve the connectivity and use of the area, upgrading public amenities and accessibility to the popular Capital City cycle trail and Jewell Station.

The project has been developed with input from the community since its inception in 2012.

People wanting more information should visit the Neometro website.

Quotes attributable to Ben Needham, General Manager Property, VicTrack

“Jewell Station is set to be revitalised to incorporate commercial uses and community activities, creating a benchmark for future urban renewal projects while enhancing
the vibrancy of Brunswick.”

“By placing retail and residential developments next to the station, we will activate the station precinct from morning to night, increasing people’s feelings of safety and drawing people to the area.”

“Residents living in the new apartments will have easy access to Jewell Station as well as buses, trams and the bike path, so they can get around without needing to use their car.”

Quotes attributable to Jeff Provan, Neometro founder and director

 “As a medium-density project, Jewell Station will activate a key inner-city area providing a New Urban Village of essential vibrancy and multi-use community facilities.”

“Melbourne’s un-activated industrial areas are a vital asset to this city and are key to addressing housing needs and community requirements within close proximity of the CBD.”

“By converting these spaces into activated areas it’s not just the residents, buyers or investors who benefit, but the entire community.”

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