Jewell Station precinct

The redevelopment of the Jewell Station precinct in Brunswick is underway.

The project will transform transport land around the station to create a vibrant local hub.

Construction and shared user path diversion

The Upfield shared user path is diverted away from the construction site.

To enable the public realm works to take place, the path is diverted via the western side of the station precinct along Watson Street. This diversion affects cyclists only - pedestrians can continue to access the station via Wilson Avenue. 

Please follow the signs in place. For more information, please see the disruptions poster.

The public realm works will deliver benefits for cyclists including upgrades to the shared user path through the precinct and increased bike parking. Commuter car parking has also been removed, which will make travelling through the precinct safer for both cyclists and pedestrians. 

Project benefits

When works are complete, the Jewell Station precinct will have improved facilities for commuters and the community, with new retail and areas to relax and socialise.

The project includes:

  • building new bike parking facilities
  • upgrading the Upfield shared user path within the precinct
  • restoring the heritage station building to make it the centrepiece of the revamped station forecourt
  • building new ramps and stairs to improve access to the station.

The community will also be able to enjoy a garden area, and artistic and cultural spaces within the station precinct.

The whole project is scheduled for completion in early 2021. 

Neometro development

The improvements to the station precinct are being funded by VicTrack with part-proceeds from a development being delivered by Neometro.

The two eight storey mixed-use buildings will contain ground floor retail and 121 one, two and three bedroom apartments.

For more information please see the Neometro website.

Started 15 November 2012