Reinventing trams

Victoria’s retired trams, including the iconic W-Class, have transported millions of Victorians, connected communities and are an integral part of our rich heritage.

VicTrack is opening an Expression of Interest (EOI) process for the community to acquire one of Victoria’s retired trams.

As Melbourne’s transport system has modernised and the needs of public transport users have evolved, older trams have been progressively retired from the network.

Some of these trams have been re-purposed and now provide tourist services such as the City Circle. However, most of the retired trams have been stored away at the Newport workshops and are in varying states of repair.

These trams are not suitable for returning to the network as they do not meet modern safety and accessibility requirements.

The EOI process will ask potential recipients to demonstrate how they intend to re-use the tram and how it will benefit the community. The EOI will be overseen by an independent evaluation panel.

How to apply for a tram

The EOI is open between 9am on Monday 28 May and 4pm on Friday 6 July, and you can only apply to receive a tram during this period.

To be in the running you must complete an online application form, which will be available on this webpage from Monday 28 May.

All applicants must complete this application, even if they have previously expressed their interest in receiving a tram.


If you intend to apply for a tram, we strongly encourage you to read the FAQs below. 

If you have read the FAQs and require further information, please email