Permit to work

If you need to undertake works within five metres of our assets – you need to first apply for a permit to work.

Before you apply
Please read these important points before you apply for a permit to work.

1. You need to apply for a permit to work at least:

  • 24 hours before you need access
  • 5 business days for a hazard
  • 15 business days for an outage.

2. If your application is successful - onsite workers must: 

  • notify us every day before works start by completing the call in out form
  • notify us every day before leaving the site by completing the call in out form
  • notify us when all works are finished by completing the closure form  
3. A VicTrack approved permit to work enables you to carry out works on our land and infrastructure. However, you may need additional permits to work from rail corridor operators and lessees. 

How to apply

Step 1: Prepare your drawings, method of procedure or scope of works, and safety documents such as SWMS, TRA or JSEA.  Please ensure any safety documents reference the VicTrack Network Protection Policy TS-SP 015. 

Step 2: Download this application form

Step 3: Send the application form and attachments to

Our process
Applications are reviewed internally and take up to three days to process.

Contact information 
If you do not have a reference number for your case, please contact first. 

If you have a reference number, please contact Change Management at or (03) 9619 8008 and quote your RITM, CS or CHG number.