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We accept applications to buy land from various third parties including adjoining land owners and the general public. In reviewing applications to buy land, consideration is given to commercial and community outcomes, future use and/or development of the site and any known or anticipated transport requirements.

Land sales are subject to approval of the Minister for Public Transport, the Treasurer and the Government Land Monitor.

There are various costs associated with buying our land, such as valuations and transaction fees.

Our land sales must be for a price not less than the Valuer-General’s (VG’s) valuation pursuant to the  Valuation Act 1960, based on the land’s highest and best use. The Valuer-General will establish the best methodology for valuation, and may that be a direct comparison of local sales or by assessing the land on a square metre rate basis.

Our process
Once we receive your application, an internal review is undertaken which can take up to 28 days. During this time, you will be contacted to confirm the progress of your application.

If you have any questions, please  contact our Property Customer Service Coordinator on (03) 9619 8889 or at

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