Construct a shared user pathway

We welcome applications from councils to build and maintain shared user pathways on VicTrack land.

Applications will be assessed against our policy principles and guidelines. If approved a lease is issued to allow installation and ongoing maintenance.

Policy principles

In summary, the policy principles are:

  • Shared user paths must be located a safe distance from operational rail corridors and in a location that does not interfere with public areas required for access to key infrastructure necessary for the safe operation of public transport.
  • The design must meet VicTrack and Accredited Rail Operator standards to ensure public safety.
  • The design may be required to go through a risk assessment with representatives from VicTrack and Accredited Rail Operator and this may incur a cost
  • Design must be approved by VicTrack and Accredited Rail Operator before works commence.
  • Shared user paths must not fall into disrepair or become a public safety issue, the paths will be removed at the expense of the Council.
  • Council will be responsible for ongoing maintenance of the path and leased land including removal of graffiti, litter and keeping the area tidy and safe for public access.


Preparing your application

Your application should:

  • Address the above policy principles.
  • Include an engineer’s report confirming the structural integrity of the installation.
  • Include a statement of the significance and link to siting the installation on transport land including a strong connection to the site and, if appropriate, the history of the area.
  • Include a statement that explains the community/cultural significance of the proposed location and installation.
  • Demonstrate wide community support for the installation and in particular support from the key stakeholders with specific connections to all people being commemorated.

Apply to construct a shared user pathway